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Ear wax cleaner syringe

Ear Wax Cleaner Syringe, Ear Cleaning Gentle Helper

Are you struggling to maintain clean ears? If thats the case then maybe you need your very own ear wax cleaner syringe! The device is a revolutionary solution to all your ear hygiene problems and provides you with an easy, safe and effective method for maintaining proper hygiene within the ears.

Benefits of Ear Wax Cleaner Syringe

A earwax cleaner syringe is clearly advantageous compared to classic cotton swabs. This syringe, unlike cotton swabs which can damage your ear canal or just push the gunk further in there), works using a gentle stream of water to safely pop out and remove any nasty build-up. This not only makes for a better clean but also prevents the buildup of ear wax as time goes by. The syringe is also refillable, making it cost and environmentally effective.

Innovation in Design

This ear wax cleaner syringe has a very innovative design. A one-of-kind nozzle directs water in the ear canal and a guard helps prevent over insertion of the tip The syringe also features an ergonomic handle for comfortable, secure one-handed operation.

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