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The company specializes in the production of Ear Health cares,Nose Health care,Enema health care,Waterproof cast cover,Pressure infusion bag,BP cuff and other Medical supplies.

Knowing the personal health care products solution more suitable for your industry

Our products include ear health care,nose health care,enema health care,pressure infusion bags,BP cuffs,inflatable pipe plugs,and other series,widely used in the medical,industrial,and other fields. We provide customized solutions to meet the different needs of customers.


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Ningbo Albert Novosino Co.,Ltd. is a high-tech medical and electronic company,including R&D,manufacturing,marketing and retailing.

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" Quality, Efficiency, Integrity and Innovation "

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Company provides trustworthy services to its customers,ensuring top-quality Products,prompt delivery,and excellent customer support. Our commitment to customer satisfaction is paramount.

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Application of our ear syringe

Ningbo Albert Novosino Co.Ltd is a professional manufacturer of various voulme of ear syringe,Such as 15ml,27ml,41ml,60ml,75ml,90ml,135ml,206ml,347ml.

Automotive Industries

Automotive Industries

Automotive Industries

An ear bulb syringe,also known as an ear bulb or bulb aspirator,is a medical device used for removing earwax or foreign bodies from the ear canal.