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travel enema

Travel Health - Love Your Body When You Travel

We need to protect our body when we are traveling. Practicing good hygiene is a great way to do this! That is, washing our hands and taking baths or showers, as well as ensuring that we wear clean clothes. That taking care of what is inside our bodies, and even on the outside are as important? This is where a travel enema comes in handy!

What is a Travel Enema?

A shared travel enema to wash out the bottom part of our intestinal gland, the colon. It is when we make liquid (normally water) in our body go inside us through a tube out of the small hole at our bottom. This aids in getting rid of any gunky bits that may have gotten stuck inside us, causing us to feel as good as new.

Essential Items for a Travel Enema

There are three things you need to know in basic order for a travel enema:

    Small liquid bag or container

    A small tip to stick into the liquid

    Clip to regulate the flow of liquid

    A towel to lie on

    Why choose Albert Novosino travel enema?

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