Coffee enema

Coffee enema is said to be an anti-cancer and health regimen, but it has not been proven effective by the medical community. In 1981, Dr. Wardenburg scientifically proved that coffee contains ingredients that can help enzymes break down toxins in the blood, which has reaffirmed the effectiveness of decades of traditional coffee enema methods.
In 1996, Dr. Nicholas received pancreatic enzymes and coffee enemas for research on pancreatic cancer, and received $ 1.4 million in funding from the National Academy of Sciences.

1. Caffeine promotes the secretion of glutathione, which is the most important enzyme for liver detoxification and elimination of free radicals.
2. The caffeine and theophylline contained in coffee expand the blood vessels in the intestinal wall and relieve enteritis.
3. The coffee injected by the coffee enema cleans the large intestine near the left side of the anus. This is the place where the large intestine is most susceptible to dirt and dirt, has the most stool, and has the strongest fertility.
4. Oral coffee can irritate the stomach wall, and the bactericidal ingredients it contains are not good for the beneficial bacteria in the upper part of the large intestine.
5. Coffee enema treats the daily toxins discharged by the liver, which is of great help to maintain liver health. This explains the significance of coffee enema to cancer patients.
6. Shinya Hiromi tracked more than 1,000 subjects who used coffee enema daily and found that their intestines were very clean and healthy. He is also a practitioner of coffee enema.
7. Large intestine expert Hiroshi Shingu does not agree with the use of high-pressure machine enema. He believes that this method worsens the symptoms of patients with large intestinal diverticulum and may damage the intestinal wall.









Post time: Dec-07-2019
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